Do your friends know everything about you? Let’s find out


A friendship becomes stronger through increased trust, support, care, and knowing each other better. It becomes important for us to know whether we know the most things about our friends or not and whether our friends know the things about us, our personality, choices, and habits or not.

Let’s find out a satisfactory answer to this question.

Ask them to play your Friendship Quiz game

You might be thinking, what does the Friendship quiz have to do with your friendship with your friends. Directly, it doesn’t have to do anything to your friendship with anyone but Indirectly, it will provide you with a way to find out whether your friends know you better or not.

Simply, create a quiz for yourself, select some interesting questions and choose options according to your personal choice. At the end of the quiz, you will get a sharable quiz link that can be shared with anyone using any social media platform. Share that link with your close circle of friends and family and let them play the quiz based on you by guessing the correct options chosen by you.

They will be awarded for each correct option. At the end of the game, they will get a score for playing your game that can be viewed by visiting your quiz link on the scoreboard. One who gave more than 70% correct answers deserves applause as he knows the most things about you and the others who couldn’t score well, became known to your choices while playing the game as the BFF Quiz game shows the correct answers when their selection is wrong.

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Give a try to BFF Quiz

You should ask your friends to create their own quizzes and share the link with you so that you can play their games and try to guess the correct options and prove yourself to them. See, winning and losing is a part of the game but the best thing is that you become familiar with the preferences and choices of your best friends playing the Friendship quiz game and spending some quality time together. You have a chance to become more attached with them and try to know more things about them to come closer and make the friendship last longer.

Does topping the Friendship Quiz game mean you know everything about your friend?

No, there is always a chance to improve yourself. Try more to become familiar with your friends’ activities, choices, wishes, and habits to make your bond stronger. Know your friends like the way that no room should be left for misunderstanding, quarrel, and separation. In this way, no one could poison your ears against your friends and no opportunist friend will try to backbite you if you know them better.

If you have a smartphone then your friend is not far from you, make your chats and interaction more attractive by playing fun quiz games together. Play, enjoy and celebrate each and every moment spent with your valuable friends like life is just for a few days.

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