How can I test my friends by playing a Friendship quiz?

friendship quiz

Well, there are so many ways to test your friends, whether they are your true companions or a bunch of opportunists. But we will not be going to discuss each and every way to test your friends. We will only discuss the more practical way to know whether their friendship is just for having fun, roaming around, and chilling out or if they know most things about you, your choices, your life, and habits. 

And the most practical way is the Best Friend Quiz. It will not reveal your intention of testing the friendship but make the process full of fun and enjoyment. You will come to know who knows you better and deserve to be one of your Best Friends.

“A best friend is one who knows everything about you and stands beside you in every situation”

Creating Quiz for Friends

It is as easy as using social media, browsing the web, and playing games. Simply you need to open the game through the link or you may search the web for “Best Friend Quiz“, click on the relevant link. Enter your name, and choose from a number of random questions having interesting options. Select your choice of options, submit the quiz. 

Sharing the friendship challenge quiz link

Share the Friendship quiz link for WhatsApp which you get immediately after submitting your quiz or you can also share the link on any social media platform. When they get your link, they will simply think as to why you want them to play a game based on you, but everybody loves having fun and playing games. They will click on the link shared by you and will be redirected to the game that you have created. They will try to guess the correct choice of options that you chose while creating the quiz. If they answer correctly, the chosen option will become green and if they answer incorrectly then the chosen answer will become red and the correct option will become green, so that they could know the correct answers.

Knowing who performed well in your Friendship quiz

In this whole process, they will be given 1 point per correct answer and at the end, a scoreboard will be prepared based on their scores. One who gives the most correct answers tops the table and you get the winner of your quiz. Now you know, who knows you better. But it doesn’t mean that others are unworthy to be your friend, they got to know your choices and preferences when they played the game, the game showed them your correct choices. They will definitely try to know you in-depth and make the bond stronger from then onwards. 

The whole process involves a lot of fun, entertainment, and enjoyment. You will unintentionally come to know who deserves to be on the list of your Best buddies. 

It really gives immense pleasure when your friends know about you and your habits. Suppose, when you go with your friends to a restaurant and they intentionally didn’t order fried rice because they know that you like Jeera rice and you love to have it. That moment you feel proud to have such good friends who not only care for you but also for your preferences and they value these things. You should definitely give the Friendship quiz a try and I am sure the results will be amazing and beneficial at the same time.

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