How to boost your creativity?

boost your creativity

Well, you came here searching for “How to boost your creativity?” is the first step towards becoming more creative. You have the zeal for becoming more creative and improving your skills. Everybody is special in some ways but very few of us acknowledge it &  improve it further.

Some proven ways to boost your creativity

The first step: Don’t wait for a perfect time, make the time perfect by acting on your thoughts and by choosing the right path. Suppose, you sing well and at the same time you have family pressure for studying. At that time you should listen to your heart, start practicing music with studies as both can go hand in hand. Don’t wait for the best time, work hard silently, practice, improve yourself and then surprise the world with a bang.

The second step: Everybody has his own methods, plans, and tactics to achieve his target and become more creative. You should choose a wise & balanced approach. To give you an example, a man in captivity wanted to flee the captivity by jumping over the wall but the walls were too high, maybe 15-20 feet. Suddenly he saw a pile of 5-7 ladders, all were as high as the wall but he had no idea how to place them to flee. He put one over one horizontally instead of putting a single ladder vertically. He failed miserably and was caught.

The moral of the story: you may have the opportunities to succeed but your way and tactics lack. Try to choose the best-proven ways by researching and interacting with the successful persons in the same field.

The third step: Choose a guide, teacher, and supporter who could support you in the whole journey as it becomes easier to achieve something when somebody stands by us and keep boosting our morals. You taste failures and see ups and downs but eventually, you will remain determined when your supporter supports you and your teacher teaches you the best techniques and guides you to the next step. When you feel down, you can use a proven way to boost your morale i.e. listening to music to boost your creativity and start working again with a new energy and zeal.

The fourth step: It is the most crucial phase of the whole journey when the fruits start ripening up. You should wait, have patience and keep improving. You should become a better version of yourself day by day instead of challenging or copying others. You started getting results from your hard work and it doesn’t mean that it will last forever. Work hard to stay relevant as long as possible because achieving the paramount is relatively easier than maintaining the same position for a long time. 

Everybody is creative in his own ways. Acknowledge the artist hidden inside you and work hard to bring it outside and show it to the world and eventually become successful. 

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