Love after lockdown: An introspective view


The devastating Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on all of us. The whole world came to a standstill, economies collapsed, people lost jobs and their dear ones. In such a tough situation it became important for us to stand altogether in support of each other and near to our dear ones.

We couldn’t go to schools, colleges, offices and couldn’t meet our loved ones. In such a situation the relationship may have become a little bit sour, the lockdown is most probably over in most parts of the world so, we should think about the love after lockdown and giving time to each other. Day by day our life is moving forward and everything is improving and becoming normal. The lockdown was really tragic for all of us but the post-lockdown life will become easier when we try to improve everything and work on every aspect of our lives, love & relationship is one such. We couldn’t spend time together with our partners, now it has become necessary to pamper them and make them feel better.

Love languages: What does your partner want?

First of all, I would like to say you are an amazing person who came searching for “what does your partner really want?”. Everybody doesn’t care this much and thinks so deeply about their relationship. Now let’s begin, human beings want love, care, support, & acceptance from their partners and all this can happen only after a proper understanding and faith in each other. 

If you want to make your partner feel special, try to spend some time together understanding each other.

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Love calculator and your relationship

Actually, the love calculators are all fake as these are made just to satisfy your thought process and the curious being inside you. If you really want to test your relationship and calculate the love between you and your partner then we have a marvellous idea for you. Create some challenges based on you and your personality and ask your partner to accept those challenges and answer the question for you. If they score more than 70% then it means they know most things about you and if they score less then there are chances of improvement. You both should spend more time understanding each other.

How do the love quizzes work?

These are web-based quizzes, made for fun and entertainment purposes, and at the same time, they help in testing your partner, creating challenges, and giving dares to him/her. All of this makes your relationship interesting and full of fun. You have the option of choosing a question of your choice and selecting interesting answers. In the first instance, It will be difficult for your partner to guess and attempt the quiz but he/she will try, think, guess, and may take your help. Your Love after lockdown will pick its pace and the relationship will become stronger.

Love & relationship needs time and understanding, the more you spend time with each other the more you understand each other and eventually become companions for life. Love quizzes do the job and take care of all this by engaging you two in an interesting game.

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