Some interesting ways to fill slam book

slam book

Filling slam book is really very popular amongst the youngsters. They love sharing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Slam books are basically based on question and answer. The owner of the slam book poses some questions and allows his/her friends and classmates to answer those questions honestly and share their feedback. The slam book is filled by the responder with their opinions and some bits of advice for their friend. 

In this article, we will talk about some interesting ways to create and fill slam book.

Why choose a traditional slambook if you can do a mobile slam book?

Well, it is a boring task creating questions and passing on the slam books to friends for their opinion. It takes time and the process is really boring as the responder has to write down everything in that book. When everything has become then we should also try making our digital scrapbook. All this needs a smartphone and a working internet connection.

The traditional scrapbook has become outdated as it needs money to buy it and you have to persuade each and every friend of yours to fill the scrapbook. The digital scrapbook doesn’t need all this. You have the scrapbook link, simply share the link with your friends and wait for their response.

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Best friend diary: online scrapbook website

Best Friend Diary is an online slam book website, using which you can create your own questions or select from the given questions and ask your friends, using the shareable link to fill it so that you could get their opinions. It is a free-to-use website, which doesn’t track you or demand your personal information. You can create your own mobile slam book by entering your name and proceeding further. You are free to share the shareable links on any social media platform. 

Your friend can fill the diary using the link which you have provided. They will try to give their best opinion to adorn your scrap book with their words. The opinion of each and every friend can be viewed by the link which you have shared with them. Also, subscribing to the notification will make it easier for you as it will inform you about the latest updates and developments.

Alternative options for online slam book

Well, apart from the website discussed above there are a lot of online slam book websites where you can create your own personal scrap book and request your friends to submit their opinions by visiting the site through the link which you had shared with them.

You can decorate your scrap book, choose from plenty of beautiful themes and stickers. You will also get an option to choose font design and sizes as well. All you can do is visit these websites and create an online slam book, share the link with your friends and wait for them to share their opinions about you.

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