The trend of Social Media Games: are they worth a try?

Social Media games

When you were a kid you may have played video games, console games & mobile games. These games made our childhood memorable. I can recall their names as well like Taken Tek, Snow bros, GTA San Andreas, Snake Xenzia, etc. Playing these games was a tedious task, firstly you needed money, resources, electricity, and then parents’ permission & maybe the internet. But the world has changed since then, now you can play fun social media games with your friends online with limited resources.

Social media was basically used to connect with friends, colleagues, relatives, and family members but it has evolved since then and now it can be used to challenge your friends to defeat you in a game or a puzzle. 

Games to play on social media with friends

There are a lot of games that can be played on social media with your friends but these games need your personal information and other details and you might be asked to log in using your social media credential as well. But we have a solution to this problem, we brought you some game suggestions for you. The games don’t collect your personal information and don’t ask you to sign in through your social media account.

Today we will talk about online free games like Best friend challenge, bubble blast, and more.

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Games to play on social media with friends

Best Friend Challenge is a web-based game that can be played using your smartphone with a little amount of mobile data. These sites don’t track you or seek any personal information either. You just need to enter your name and proceed to create a challenge for your friends. These games help you in better understanding your friends and making them aware of the things you love and like the most. You can share the challenge link on any social media platform without signing in to the game with your credentials.

Bubble blast or candy matcher: These are web-based arcade games where you can have some fun shuffling candies and matching the bubble of the same colors. These games don’t ask you for your personal details. You can challenge your friends to score higher than you by sharing the shareable link with them directly.

Social media dare card game: Card games are easily available on the web. You don’t need to download an app separately, you can play these games using your smartphone’s web browser. These card games are really challenging and interesting at the same time as you have to play with online players or with the computer. You can also invite your friends to join you and play together.

Social media games are the newest trends of the 2020s, these games let you connect with your social circle and play with them. These games are free, web-based, and full of fun. Must try if you love playing games and challenging others.

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