Top Funny games to play in 2022

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Hey fun lovers, welcome to our another blog fully dedicated to game lovers. We have brought you some interesting, fun-packed, and funny games to play for free. Let’s begin today’s episode with a bang. 

We have searched the web, did the research, and went through analytics to find out which funny games are trending in 2021 and which games will perform best this year.

Best Friends Cup

Best Friends Cup is the first on the list of best funny games to play for free in 2022. It is a quiz game, created for fun lovers to interact with their friends and have fun asking questions and having fun. It is a quiz-based game, in which you can select some amazing questions and select the option of your choice, after doing that submit the quiz and share the game link with your friends and family members using any social media platform.

Your friends and family members will try to do their best by guessing your choices and recalling past events. One who gives the most correct answers will top the scoreboard and win the Best Friends Cup. During the course game, you get calls from your friends to help them and confirm if you like or dislike something, you get messages that they played your game and eagerly wait for the scoreboard to be prepared. All this is so much fun and full of entertainment.

7 Truth Challenge

This game brings you back to your childhood when you used to play the Truth or dare game with your friends. The game was so much fun, giving dares to the friends and asking them to choose truth, and asking some personal questions as a part of the game. The same can be done playing the 7 Truth Challenge which is one of the most trending funny games. Select some truth or dare questions and submit the game, share the shareable link with your friends and family and wait for their response.

Once they reply, you make a lot of discoveries getting funny and quirky answers. You will laugh, share the same with others and enjoy the moment. It is one of the must try funny games to play for free.


Scrabble is a word game that we used to play during the initial days of our 1st and 2nd grade of our school when we were learning new words daily. This game not only makes you think and guess to win over your friends but also help you in building a rich vocabulary. The game is both web-based and app based, play the game the way you like, challenge them and try to win the challenge.

These three games will most probably top the chart of Top funny games 2022 and the best thing about these games is that these are funny games to play for free. Must give them a try if you love the company of your friends and love challenging and winning over them.

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