Trivia quiz questions and answers

Trivia quiz

A trivia quiz is the best way to check the general knowledge of a person. It can be played with your friends, colleagues, and family. A trivia quiz can be based on any subject matter. They can be divided into multiple categories based on types. The most popular among all trivia quizzes are picture trivia quiz questions and answers, they are picture-based quizzes in which you have to select correct images as options to questions.

They are so fun that they are enjoyed by people of all age groups equally. Everybody wants to check his knowledge and try to prove himself.

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Trivia quiz questions and answers based on different themes

There are a number of trivia websites. You need to visit them using your browser, and you will be thrilled to find hundreds of trivia games. You may find trivia games based on Marvel, your daily routine, your favourite actor, your country, etc. You can play a quiz of your choice by clicking on them. After the end of the quiz, you will get a link to be shared with your friends and family. Share that link with them and challenge them to outscore you. 

Trivia quiz questions and answers based on friendship

We have curated an amazing game for trivia quiz lovers. We have created picture trivia quiz questions and answers based on you and your friendship. You can create your own quiz totally based upon you, your choices, and preferences and challenge your friends and siblings to guess the correct answer about you. For playing the quiz you simply need to visit this site, you will be redirected to our game homepage. Enter your name and begin the thrilling journey. Select some amazing questions from a pool of questions and choose options of your choice. After submitting the game, at the end of the game you will get a shareable link that can be shared with friends using any social media platform. 

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How would your friends play your trivia quiz?

Well. when they click on the received link they will be redirected to your quiz, they need to enter their names and then start the trivia quiz totally based on you. They need to guess the correct options that you had selected while creating the quiz. They will try harder to give the correct answers and outscore each other. They will be awarded 1 point per correct answer. Once they submit the quiz, a scorecard will be prepared based on their performance, which can be viewed by you by visiting through the same link. One who tops the table knows the many things about you and is the winner of the Trivia quiz based on you.

The friendship quiz is the most played by the youngsters as it not only provides fun but also helps them in understanding each other better. What can be better than playing a quiz based on the personality of a friend? 

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