What do your friends think about you?

friendship test

Well, everybody in this world wants to know about the perception of their friends about them. Friends are the mirrors of our lives, they show you your real image without any partiality, inclination, or fear. Friends are the ones who make you become a good person and help you to make yourself a better version of yourself day by day.

So, Knowing their perception of you matters a lot. But for this, you need to read their minds which is impossible. But we have a better plan to know how much your friends know about you and what they think about you.

Knowing their opinions playing Friendship Quiz

It is really easier to know their opinion about you by making them play a Friendship quiz totally based on you and your personality. You just need to choose some questions for them, you can either ask your own question or choose from interesting questions already crafted for you and available in the game. You’ll get a sharable link when you submit your game, which can be shared with anyone through any social media platform.

They will try their best to answer questions asked by you and share what they think about you and your personality without any hesitation as you will not be in front of them.

What did they share through the friendship game link?

You can easily check their feedback, answers, opinions, etc by visiting your game again. The opinion they have shared can be noted, thought over, and implemented in your life.  All this process involves a lot of fun, you both will enjoy playing this game creating, asking, and answering questions.

Some friends will try to pull your legs by sharing some funny incident and some will narrate the ordeal. You will really feel blessed to have some good friends while reading their feedback, answers, and opinions.

Whatever friends think is correct about me?

No, not really. Some parts of their answer can be correct and some are incorrect because everybody has his own opinion and perception, it is you who needs to decide whether they are right or wrong. You can ask them why they think so and talk about it with them, they will really help you and make you understand their thoughts and opinion.

Implementation of their feedback

Well, it totally depends upon you whether you have taken their opinion seriously or just for fun. If you think anything to be correct about yourself then verify it with everyone then you can implement it into your personality. But you need to be really cautious before implementing their feedback.

It is really tough to know anybody’s real opinion or perception about ourselves but it can be easier when we take it as fun. In the whole gameplay, you will feel that your friends have shared their opinions and perception about you indirectly through the games without hurting you or without any hesitation.

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