Who deserves to be your BFF (Best Friend Forever)?


We make a lot of friends in our lives,does the friendship with everyone last forever, your answer will most probably be “NO”. But there are some friends who remain closer to your heart forever. But everyone doesn’t deserve to be your best friend forever. You have to test them, become known to each other, care for each other, spend time together and help each other during the time of need. 

Today I will tell you a way to find out whether your friendship with someone will last forever or not.

Testing the friendship bond

See, the world is full of evils. Somebody will definitely come between you and your best friend and try to break trust to eventually gain some advantage from him or you. If you don’t want this to happen with you and your friend then you should definitely try testing each other and knowing about each other through the BFF Quiz.

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How to test them through the BFF Quiz

You need to visit one of our games for creating Quiz for friends, follow the instructions, select the desired question by selecting them and choose your choice of options. At the end of the quiz, you will get a sharable quiz link, share that link with your friends, you can share that link on any social media platform available in your country, then sit back and relax.

How would I know who deserves to be my Best Friend Forever?

When your friends get your friendship quiz link, they will play your quiz and try to answer the question based on you, they will try to recall every moment spent with you and may become nostalgic, which eventually leads to making the bond between you two stronger. 

They will get 1 point per correct answer. At the end of the quiz, they will be rewarded with points. You can check the score of your friends by clicking on the scoreboard options. One who tops the quiz and the others who have attempted well know most things about you and they deserve to be your friend. Your bond with them will last forever if you guys continue to cherish every moment of friendship together and keep understanding each other.

Ask friends to create their own Quiz for friends

Ask your friends to create their own game to challenge you. Accept their challenge and try to score more points to top the table. If you manage to score well then you know your friends a lot, if not then try to work on this by knowing about them. Although you have come across their choices and tastes while playing the game, you can try personal talks to come closer to them.

These Best Friends Challenges work like insane, they give you a platform to know your buddy better and make them understand you. The game involves a lot of fun, joy, and togetherness. 

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