Who is my best friend quiz: Does it work?

best friend

Well, you must have heard the name of this quiz and may have played as well. The quiz says that it helps you in finding your best friend and testing your friendship with your friends but you have a curious mind and you may want to know whether you are just wasting your time playing such games or they really work?

Today we will tell you if the best friend test quiz works or it is just for fun and time passes. Let’s begin!

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Who is my best friend quiz

These quizzes are created to engage you with your friends so that you can spend some time with them knowing each other. The sole purpose of the game is to provide you with fun and entertainment but if you see in-depth you will find that these games are not just for fun. A best friend quiz helps you to test the knowledge of your friend about you. Not everyone knows everything about you, it is your best friend who always stands by you and spends the most time with you either doing activities or through the phone. Your best friend knows each & every detail of you, What do you do? What do you like? What do you abhor? and what do you wish for? He has answers to all these questions. A normal friend cannot answer all these questions as he/she is not attached to you and not as close to your best friend. 

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Sometimes best friend test quiz doesn’t work

Yes, you heard it right, sometimes “Who is my best friend quiz” doesn’t work because of the following reasons:

1. If you made it for fun: If you created your quiz just for fun choosing some funny options to the questions then it might not be easy for your friends to guess it correctly as they will attempt the quiz based on your choices and activities that they may have noticed in your company.

2. If your friend attempted it for fun: Some friends love fun and they are seldom so serious. These quizzes don’t work with these friends as they will not take it seriously and answer the questions by choosing funny and random options.

3. If you chose tough questions: If you choose tough questions or questions which are very personal about you then it might not be possible for everyone to give the correct answers and they will feel miserably.

The points discussed above may create some hurdles for the results to be genuine. Apart from this, the quiz works perfectly and helps you in getting the answer to the question “Who is my best friend?”.

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